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Top Discharge/Slim-line Pump

Specifications and Parts Listing
  • Small Dewatering Jobs
  • Small Fountain Recirculation
  • Garden Irrigation from Ponds and Streams
  • Quality engineered for long life
  • Silicon carbide seal
  • Class F motor insulation
  • ABS plastic and SS metal parts
  • High-temperature dry run motor protection
  • Weighs only 13 lbs
  • Includes 3/4" garden hose adapter
Design and Construction
  • 304SS motor housing; superior to pumps with aluminum housings that wear out pumping sandy water.
Longer Power Cords
  • 33 feet
Superior motor protection
  • Class F motor insulation handles higher temperatures without degrading motor life better than pump motors with Class A, E, B insulation.
  • Built-in high-temperature switch protects the motor from overheating and shorting if the pump runs dry.
  • 2 Seals: Lip seal & silicon carbide mechanical seal.

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